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Get it right or get shot

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11/15/04 10:40 pm - whiteelephant - "chalk outline on the pavement"

it appears that the inmates have overrun the asylumCollapse )

11/15/04 10:45 pm - julzxman

Julian "the one legged hooker from the outback" Hill      (ross told me not to bother with the picture, so i didnt)

Age// 17

Location// Canberra

Questions: 10 Bands// Godspeed you black emperor, Saetia, remembering never, bodies in the gears of the apparatus, the swing kids, the blood brothers, we.re all broken, saosin, bane, converge

3 Movies// Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

3 Books// Greenmantle - Charles De Lint, The White Dragon - Anne McCaffrey, The Last Vampire - Willis Hall

Favourite item of clothing// Jeans

 Favourite part of a girl/guys body// hehehe boobies

Tell us about one band you hate// Magic Dirt. They sure suck the anus. I hate indie chick bands. They all suck.

Things you like// flowers, foozball and women

Things that make you angry// Everything at one time or another.

What do you think about sXe?// sXe is stupid, and the majority of music made by sXe bands is shit.

 Why should we accept you?// Coz ive go' a sexy body. im also cool and i write the songs that your band plays.

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