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Get it right or get shot

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7/27/05 04:04 pm - le_blackdahlia - chalk outline on the pavement

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12/23/04 09:38 pm - _ourloveisreal - promo


12/5/04 03:26 pm - _ourloveisreal - promo


If youre on the look for good bands check this band out.

if you have. myspace.. (which im sure you do! ha) - www.myspace.com/harbour

and if you have lj - www.livejournal.com/community/_____harbour
(i just made it :( please join!!!)


11/21/04 12:30 am - _ourloveisreal - PROMO //

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11/18/04 09:35 pm - _ourloveisreal

Hey guy
Im tash.. ha
Add me to your friends!

Im also doing this thing where you read emails (not really) and make money.
If you click the link below

Get Paid To Read Emails

you can sign up. Then spread it to your firends and I make like 40 dollars a month or something.
Its rad..

My AIM is ForgetYourHeart
incase anybody wants to chat.


11/18/04 01:43 am - julzxman - You chalk outline on the pavement...

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11/16/04 04:52 pm - alyxgardensdale - It would be cool if you were referencing Pavement, but you're not so this chalked outline is really?

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11/15/04 07:33 pm - _ourloveisreal - chalk outline on the pavement

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11/16/04 12:05 pm - depupiledeyes

ok so julz is too lazy to post pics but this is what he looks like if you don't know....

11/15/04 10:40 pm - whiteelephant - "chalk outline on the pavement"

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